BD Somani

Model United Nations 2019

30 Aug – 1 Sep | President, Mumbai

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Letter from Secretary-General

Hello Delegates,

It is my pleasure to serve you as Secretary General for our 10th BDSMUN. This year, what with our new venue, and the fact that this is an optional event for BD students for the first time, we expect this conference to be a revolution rather than an evolution.

Personally, the idea of change has me incredibly excited. The state of current world affairs, what with a rising sense of populist nationalism, an almost fascist worldwide political ideology at a time when we need co-operation the most, and an overbearing desire to elect “strong” leaders like Bolsonaro, Trump, Orbán and even Modi, the world truly needs to be less afraid of change. This need for protectionism is, in my opinion, fuelled by a fear of change: people’s livelihoods changing due to environmental regulations, their childhood neighbours being replaced with refugees, and their own conservative religious beliefs under fire by humanitarians. There is an overwhelming desire to return to a seemingly “simpler time”, and the world has been misled into believing that electing headstrong leaders is the best way to do so.

And so, delegates, I ask now that you debate these topics fiercely. With democracy under threat, every single topic in our conference directly and adversely affects the whole world. As delegates, you represent people who have the power to bring all important change to the world. I urge you to take advantage of that and make your voice heard in committee, as the future of the world now rests in the hands of our generation.

-Yohan Khan, Secretary General

Letter from Deputy Secretary-General

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